I'm an Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

Hey, I’m Ugi Stelmokaitis - hope you manage to say my name properly, but if not, no worries. Here is

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how to say my name.

My favorite thing about my work is to help businesses developing websites or mobile applications their customers love. I enjoy the journey from coming up with wild ideas to turning them into a performant product, launching and growing it afterward.

My daily life

I've been always into fitness and healthy lifestyle. You can easily spot me gymming, going for a walk or swimming. I can't function without double shot espresso as well as

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Spotify which is always on while working or exercising. My current favorite artist is Lady Leshurr and the genre is Hip-Hop. I also like to relax with movies when I’m not working.

My Work:

As a software engineer at

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Priffle I have the opportunity to work on some exciting projects. My goal is always to create performant websites and apps with secure coding practices so they can deliver great user experiences while also meeting business goals.

After hours, I'm working on a cross-platform fitness app called

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Aezthetics that helps customers reach their fitness goals and stay on track with its sleek interface design that's easy for anyone to use. Aezthetics aims at being the top-notch fitness app and my involvement with this project has me working on both development and product management.

My gears:

I've put together a list of the equipment that I use on a daily basis for those who have asked me about what gear is important. Check out my

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Gears I use page to see everything.

My go to tools:

Prismic is an easy-to use CMS (Content Management System) that offers features such as reliable, secure APIs and repeaters. Their pricing model makes it affordable for any business.

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/headless CMS

I use Next.js for handling the heavy lifting, including rendering and bundling of our JavaScript assets while TypeScript helps ensure a reliable build process with minimal errors/warnings.

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I love Vercel, a hosting provider that offers free SSL encryption and asset compression. They also have an edge network for increased proximity to customers as well as caching invalidation capabilities so your site load time stays fast.

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