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February, 2022


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Case Study - Aezthetics

Building Aezthetics’ site

Aezthetics is a fitness company based in Australia that gives customized training programs and monitoring tools like food diaries and fasting, allowing people to achieve the ideal lifestyle and body they have longed for.

Aezthetics wanted to get started attracting users while the product is still being developed, so I built the website where users may learn more about the product and sign up for the waitlist before the app's release.

Setting up the foundation

When the design was completed and given to me, I was able to start building the site by laying down the groundwork - installing NextJS application, then adding Prismic CMS. The aim was to make sure that the web contents would be managed and updated effortlessly without requiring any code writing once it is completed. I then added Tailwind CSS framework, and I set up a Eslint stricked mode that allows:

  • To eliminate some of javascript silent errors by changing them to throw errors.
  • To ensure that mistakes don't cause JavaScript engines to have a hard time optimizing your code. Using strict mode code can sometimes speed up code faster than identical code that's not strict mode.
  • To prevent certain syntax from being defined in future ECMAScript versions.

Starting with the basic HTML and CSS, I began to construct user interface components such as buttons, navigation, footer, and more. After that, I developed the core pages including Home, Pricing and Contact pages.

Aezthetics code

Finding opportunity by building a waitlist for potential users

The primary goal of a beginning-stage business like Aezthetics is to learn more about the target audience and the market. Aezthetics wanted to engage their clients by allowing customers to sign up for the app's waitlist in order to discover a great opportunity to know more about their users' needs and wants. It also helped to reach out to people for interviews and validate their product ideas. I went with Mailchimp, the email marketing platform for Aezthetics to collect and manage email addresses and send newsletters.

Implementing Nodemailer

While Aezthetics is still in the development phases, I wanted to be sure that the procedure would not be time-consuming or difficult for anybody who wants to reach out to Aezthetics through the website. I used Nodemailer to allow the server send emails to Aezthetics when someone contacts them. These are the advantages of using Nodemailer:

  • Heavy focus on security. No one likes RCE vulnerabilities.
  • Unicode support to use any characters, including emojis 💪.
  • Secure email delivery using TLS/STARTTLS.
  • Embedded image attachments for HTML content.

Aezthetics website was built with advanced technologies, such as JAMStack. I used NextJs for the front-end framework, Prismic for the headless CMS, and Vercel for the hosting platform to improve website performance.

Case Study - Aezthetics
Case Study - Aezthetics
Case Study - Aezthetics
Case Study - Aezthetics

Coming soon!

With Aezthetics, fitness doesn't have to be complicated or uninteresting any longer. So stay tuned - We're currently working on Aezthetics app for iOS and Android. When it's done, I'll go through everything step by step to talk about how we have brought the brilliant idea to life.

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